Laser therapy  

- Laser epilation

- Regeneration of aged tissue

 - Effective cellulite treatment

- Wrinkle smoothing

 - Figure correction

"Gaismas kosmetoloģija"

Sensitive skin can be gain only with tenderness.

Salon "Gaismas kosmetoloģija" was launched in October 2001. Salon "Gaismas kosmetoloģija" is an institution with a medical profile and its employees have higher medical education. We were the first ones in Latvia to apply the new generation laser “Light Sheer Diode” produced by corporation LUMENIS USA. As all of our clients would testify, it helps to remove hair effectively and permanently. This unique apparatus allows us to perform hair removal procedures even on tanned skin. Using the laser shower “Dermodynamic TRI-ACTIV” (Italy) we offer treatments for renewing facial skin, figure correction and removing post pregnancy stretch marks.

It is easy to find us!

We are located on 8 Hospitāļu street, which is near the Riga Maternity Hospital.

Right next to the salon you will find a free parking lot.

Laser Therapy Services

Laser epilation

Laser epilation

Our salon is using the most up to date laser epilation system “Light Sheer”. Laser system “Light Sheer” can be also applied to treat enlarged superficial blood vessels, remove pigmented lesions and tattoos.

Face care

Face care

Wrinkle smoothing
Face, neck and décolleté lift
Stimulating collagen production

Body care

Body care

Effective cellulite treatment
Regeneration of aged tissue
Skin toning
Lymphatic drainage
Restoring skin elasticity
Effective removal of post pregnancy stretch marks


LAZERVITAL laser hair removal machine!

Austrian quality

Discount -25% till the end of the year!

Painless hair removal for a long time

This effect is provided by the new diode-alexandrite laser, which automatically finds the roots of both dark and light hair and processes them carefully.

The best results can be achieved (depending on the type of skin and hair) by performing the procedure 9-10 times with an interval of 4-6 weeks.


Legs full length - 109.00 EUR/procedure (20 minutes)
Bikini - 49.00 EUR/procedure (10 minutes)
Armpits - 30.00 EUR/procedure (5 minutes)

What needs to be considered:

  • Do not sunbathe 3 days before and 3 days after the procedure;
  • Hair should be shaved 1 day before the procedure (do not wax).

Apply for the procedure: (+371) 67373713